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Translation cost estimates

What your request should include:

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Remember that a quality translation needs time, sometimes as much as the original writing. The more complex the original text, the longer it takes to translate it. On average, an experienced professional will translate 2000 words per day, but previous engagements and other factors may come into play.

To assess translation costs effectively

(All quotes are in Canadian dollars)

Translation costs are based on the word count of the original text. If that number is unknown, the word count of the target text will be used in assessing the final price.

For short texts (less than about 200 words), a $40 minimum fee will apply. The cost of short adaptations (slogans, cultural references, etc.) will be based on a flat rate independent of word count.

The actual rate (¢ per word) is a function of the document’s content, format, presentation, etc. Factors affecting pricing include the following:

If after our careful revision, you still detect errors, we will gladly correct them free of charge, of course. If however you modify the original text and want a new translation of certain passages, the word count will be added to the original estimate.

A 30% down payment is required for a first contract above $1000.

Reduce your translation costs

You can reduce your translation cost with careful planning.

Make sure your original is well written. Ambiguous or long sentences will need more time to decipher and translate.

Your document may not need a complete translation. You may be able to eliminate sections that are not vital or summarize what matters most and translate only that.

If you have formatting and presentation standards, be sure to advise your translator right away so that these are used from the beginning.

Also, if you have related documents in the target language: previous translations, French reports, in-house glossaries, web sites, etc. make them available to the translator.

Make sure the translator can join you or a knowledgeable person to answer potential questions. Your translator is a language professional and specializes in various domains, but the real content expert in your field is you.

There is a real relationship between the price and the quality of a translation. It is thus important that you estimate the level of quality you need. An internal memo can be translated quickly without giving much attention to style since mostly content matters; this is not the case for an advertisement brochure or literary works, where style may be part of the message.

For a high volume contract, a first instalment will be sent to you before completion to ensure that the style and vocabulary meet your expectations.

And finally, late fees can be avoided by paying the bill upon receipt.